National Exam Board (NEB) Office
National Exam Board (NEB) Office

Accompany the SEE Exam and Class 12 Exams

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Students are confused about taking the Class 11 and 12 exams because of the coronavirus infection. The National Examination Board is also confused as to whether or not to conduct the examination.

The exam schedule was made public on January 7 to conduct the Class 12 examination from next May 8 and the Class 11 exam from May 21. Earlier, the entrance exam (SEE) has been postponed.

Chairman of the Board Prof. Chandramani Poudel informed that there was no new decision regarding the examinations of Class 11 and 12. It is understood that the government is preparing to extend the lockdown by next May 3. Nepal has also been told that India will lock in the lockdown till May 3.

“If a lockdown is not extended after March 25, the exam will be conducted on the scheduled date,” he said. In such a case, there is a possibility of passing the exam. ” The board is doing paper printing. So far the question paper has not been sent to the district. Due to the questionnaire being sent out, there is no option to move the exam to lockdown.

Chairman of the Board Dr. Poudel said, “If the situation is normal then the class 11 exam will have to be postponed.” He said the idea was to conduct the SEE exam and class 12 exam in the morning when the exam is regular. According to the predetermined examination schedule, the upcoming class 12 class was scheduled to run until the 18th, and the 11th of class 11 was scheduled to run until 31st.


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