National Examinations Board,Grade 10 Sanothimi, Bhaktapur
National Examinations Board,Grade 10 Sanothimi, Bhaktapur

Failing to Get Minimum 35 Marks in SEE Exam

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Although the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology issued the ‘Letter Grading Guideline 2078’ on 7th January 2078 through a ministerial decision, it could not be implemented. In this year’s exam, the board has implemented the ‘Letter Grading Guide 2078’.

In the past, there was a provision to get 35 percent from both theoretical and practical, with the board implementing the guidelines for the first time this year, students must score 35 in theoretical and 40 in practical in the results of the SEE exam. In the Letter Grading Guide, 2078, it has been arranged that students will fail if they do not score 35 percent in the theory test.

Exam controller Poudel said that the examinee must score at least 35 marks in theoretical subjects and 40 marks in practical subjects, and informed that they should score 35 marks in subjects with 100 marks and 27 marks in subjects with 75 marks.

Examination Controller Poudel said that if you get less than 35 percent marks, you will not be able to enroll in class 11 and you will have to participate in the chance examination again. According to him, it has been arranged that students who cannot score 35 marks will be given a chance to take the exam in two subjects in the first year. Students will be allowed to participate in grade increase test up to three times in two subjects.


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