Resigning by Staff

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Staff at the state and local levels have begun to resign. Adhikari workers are resigning at the state and local level through the Employee Integration Act. This news has been written by Nagendra Sapkota in today’s Gorakhpatra.

The government has added two tiers of increase and two grades to attract adjusted staff at the state and local levels. According to the Act, there is no provision to resign for one year after adjustment. However, the staff has started resigning with many excuses. Increasing the pension after retirement has increased the staff resignation without having to serve for one year after adjusting at the state and local level.

According to the civilian library, 6,884 people resigned by local and state by Friday. The number of people resigning locally is 410 and the number of people resigning in the province are 222. Similarly, 375 people have taken the mandatory leave at both levels. The government had announced the termination of staffing on 14 March 2075.

The State Was Tricked: Expert
Former Executive Director and Administration Dr. Balchandra Mishra said that it was cheating for the state to resign not less than a year after the government sent staff to the state and local level to resign but not to resign.


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