Employee Age Limit 60 Years

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A bill to amend and integrate the law on the formation and operation of Nepal’s Special Service has been passed today by the National Assembly, Legislative Management Committee.

Chairman of the committee, Parshuram Meghi Gurung, informed that the bill passed with the amendment of the bill. According to him, the special service bill passed by the committee has made the age limit of the staff working in the special service 60 years.

Earlier, Gurung informed that the age limit of 58 has been increased to 60 years. The bill passed by the committee will be tabled in the National Assembly today.

He said that special service means collecting information of the government in a special way and if such information is misused then the same punishment should be punished.

Chairman Gurung informed that if the unauthorized person is exposed to any unauthorized person without any temptation or if he or she is exposed to any unauthorized person, or if any information is violated by the sale of confidential documents related to such information. He said that the punishment was imposed on the bill after looking at the culprits.

Likewise in the bill, the bill states that the tapping of phones can only be done on a particular matter from the sovereignty of the nation, geographical integrity.

Gurung said the arrangements were made only by the investigating officer, not by anyone tapping the phone. “Tapping that phone has to be the basis and the archiving. In any court, phone tapping should not be used as evidence and penalties have been imposed for misuse of phone tapping, ”he said.


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