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Nepal Rastra Bank - नेपाल राष्ट्र बैंक

Current Economic Situation of Nepal

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Current Economic Situation of Nepal: Nepal Rastra Bank has released a report based on the data for the month of the financial year 2079-080.

The bank has published a report with the current economic and financial situation of the country. According to which, inflation based on consumer price index on annual point basis is 7.38 percent.

According to the bank, imports decreased by 20.7 percent, exports by 34.6 percent and total merchandise trade deficit by 18.8 percent.

Likewise, the remittance inflow has increased by 23.0 percent in Nepali rupees and by 13.1 percent in US dollars. 45 billion 87 million is in savings.

The total foreign exchange reserves are Rs.1292 billion 56 crores and 9.82 billion US dollars, while the federal government’s expenditure is Rs.435 billion 21 crores and revenue mobilization is Rs.326 billion 89 crores.

The National Bank has stated that the detailed money supply has increased by 1.9 percent and on an annual point basis, such money supply has increased by 7.4 percent.

Deposit collection of banks and financial institutions has increased by 2.2 percent and loans to the private sector have increased by 1.6 percent, while the growth rate of deposits on an annual point basis is 9.5 percent and the growth rate of loans to the private sector is 4.1 percent.


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