50 Lakhs to Insurance Health Workers

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A representative of the House of Representatives, Pradip Yadav, has demanded up to Rs 50 lakh insurance for the health workers employed in the treatment of Corona.

Releasing a statement on Friday, Yadav demanded that the health workers and physicians employed at the office be protected against the Coronavirus.

He emphasized that all health workers should be provided with safe clothing as recommended by the World Health Organization.

Yadav has called attention to the federal government, the state No 2 government, local government and all concerned bodies regarding the full protection of doctors, nurses and health workers who are being deployed across the country for the health of the common man in the sensitive times of the global crisis caused by the epidemic.

Likewise, he urged the government to provide masks, sanitizers and safe clothing from large hospitals in the city to village health institutions.

He has also demanded that punishment be imposed on the practitioners and health workers in the workplace in this epidemic, Sahasad Yadav, who is also a central member of the Samajwadi Party.


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