Teacher Volunteer Operations Throughout the country, salary Pay up to 32 Thousand

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The government is going to mobilize teaching volunteers to reduce the problem of lack of teachers in the community schools. The Ministry of Education has prepared a procedure for implementing the issues contained in the government’s policies and programs.

Such volunteers will be operated in community schools and technical level schools where the teacher-student ratio is high, English, math, and science teachers are inadequate or there are no teachers.

Based on the recommendations made by the local government and the list prepared by the Education Development and Coordination Units in the district, a procedure has been created to appoint a school volunteer.

“The local level will recommend volunteer placement for schools within their area from the locally approved list of teaching volunteers,” the procedure said, adding that the person recommended would have to be recruited by the respective school.

In the coordination of the Secretary of the Ministry of Education, there is a mechanism for coordinating and conducting committees at the central level to carry out the volunteering and coordinating role of teaching volunteers. The committee will work to approve all plans and programs related to volunteer management. The same committee will be responsible for identifying numbers and teaching subjects.

The Committee will calculate the number of teachers currently in the school, relief quotas and quota distributed by the Center to calculate the number of teachers in English, mathematics and science subject to disadvantage.

The center will identify the number of teachers who are inadequate at the basic and middle level through each local level and make sure the number is compiled. The procedure for publishing the information is also given by giving a 7-day deadline for those who wish to volunteer before doing so. Individuals who are at least 40 years of age with at least a bachelor’s degree can apply for volunteering. However, arrangements have been made to give priority to the postgraduate level.

For this appointment, arrangements have been made for the appointment of 4 different classes of volunteers and a monthly allowance of Rs. Separate pay scales have been fixed in terms of postgraduate level and graduation.

The full text of the approved procedure is given below.


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