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School Nurses Should not be Used as Subject Teachers

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The Bagmati state government has instructed school nurses working in all schools under its jurisdiction not to work as subject teachers.

The Bagmati Health Directorate under the Ministry of Health has instructed not to use the subject as a teacher.

The directorate informed that the school nurse was being made to work as a subject teacher because there was little monitoring and information was received through some petitions, so the nurse was instructed not to teach.

According to Section 40 of the One School One Nurse Program Operation Procedure, 2078, since school nurses should not be employed as teachers, school nurses working at all local levels have been instructed to do so according to the same procedure.

According to the directorate, the One School One Nurse program has been expanded to 519 schools of 119 local levels by the fiscal year 2079-80.

This program is to promote overall health, hygiene, nutrition, mental health, sexual and reproductive health of the students at the school level, and encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle by informing them about the prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases. It is a continuation of the program that started as a program.

It is a program implemented by the provincial government using the authority given by Section 85 of the Provincial Health Service Act 2075.


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