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Student in Nepal

Which GPA in SEE can Study What Subject?

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which gpa in see can study what subject

‘I got such a grade in SEE, what subjects can I study? Many students are curious. With the release of SEE results, such posts appear on social media. Many students are confused about what to study after SEE.

The National Examination Board has also specified the minimum grade according to the subject. You can get admission in class 11 only if you get the minimum grade in certain subjects. It can be understood that the students are confused.

According to the examination board, to study in class 11, one must get at least 1.6 GPA in SEE. However, even if you get 1.6 GPA, you cannot study the desired subject. For that, the minimum grade required according to the subject should be obtained.

Students who wish to study science subjects must have obtained a minimum GPA of 2. And, based on the subjects, only students who have at least ‘D plus’ grades in science and mathematics, C in English, social studies and Nepali will be allowed to study physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics or computer science in science group in class 11.

Students who wish to study in the Faculty of Management must have obtained a minimum GPA of 1.6. And, on the basis of the subjects, they must have obtained ‘C’ in mathematics, ‘D-plus’ in English, Nepali, social science and science.

C grade in Science, Maths and English and Social Education and D Plus in Nepali with 1.6 GPA can be studied in Biology, Botany and Electronic, Civil or Computer Engineering.

Students with C in Mathematics, English, Nepali, D Plus in Social Studies and Science with more than 1.6 GPA to study Mathematics, Accounts, Computer Science, Teaching Mathematics, Elements of Science, Astrology, Business Mathematics, Cooperative Management, Business Studies, Geography and Psychology will get.

C in English and D plus grade in Nepali, Mathematics and Social Studies are required to study Mass Communication, Hotel Management and Travels and Tourism. C in Nepali, D Plus in English and Social Studies will open the way for studying Nepali and Teaching Nepali subjects.

Similarly, for studying subjects like Political Science, History, Culture, Home Science, Sociology, Philosophy, Library and Information Science, students should bring C in Social Studies and D Plus in Nepali and English.

If you get D Plus in English, you can study Maithili, Hindi, Nepali, French, Japanese, Urdu, German, Chinese as well as other languages, while students can also study subjects like dance, music, sculpture, applied arts, sports.


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