School Close विद्यालय बन्द
School Close विद्यालय बन्द

Announcing the Indefinite Closure of Schools From Sunday

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announcing the indefinite closure of schools from SundayThe Nepal School Staff Council has announced the indefinite closure of community schools from Sunday.

The council has announced a strike with the aim of pressing for their demands to be met.

In the circular sent by the general secretary of the council Shantinath Yogi to all 77 district working committees and 753 local municipality working committees on Friday, instructions have been given to conduct the bandh program strongly.

The council has been demanding professional stability along with various service facilities for school employees working in public schools.

At the same time, it was mentioned in item number 127 of the policy and program of the government of Nepal for the fiscal year 2080-081 that the issues of service facilities for school employees working in community schools will be addressed. But the council is protesting that the matter has been omitted in the budget.

According to Yogi, the public schools are going to be closed from ashar 3rd according to the pre-scheduled program due to police repression, even though the first and second phase of the protest programs announced in the press conference on jesstha 17 have been completed.


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