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uchcha shiksha-Notice Pati

Only those who attend government schools will get scholarships for higher education studies

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The Education and Health Committee of the House of Representatives passed the Nepal Act on Thursday with the provision that only students studying in community schools from class 6 to 10 should get scholarships for higher education studies.

The committee has made such compulsory arrangements and the removal of 51 percent of the office-bearers of the university has been made in the name of inclusive scholarship.

While the committee has suggested that only two-thirds of the provisions be removed during the discussion, the provision for immediate removal of 51 percent is also due to the umbrella act of the university and higher education. The committee also had amendments to free higher education.

Minister for Education, Science, and Technology Girirajmani Pokharel informed that three new bills would be forthcoming, but the new bill did not include the topic to be discussed. Arrangements have been made to provide scholarships to Dalits, persons with disabilities and the economically disadvantaged at every level. Prior to this, there was only 1 giveaway.

Now the path to studying in the mother tongue in higher education has also opened. The committee has arranged to study in a mother tongue in higher education. Since the Higher Education Umbrella Act has to be discussed in a new way, many Nepal Act has not been amended.


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