The Capital of the State is Closed to School

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Hetauda sub-metropolis ward no. Six have closed down the schools in their area.

But the fact that becoming the capital of the state is not a matter of excitement for the education of the students.

It is quite a political thing, it does not mean that the student should stop reading, but the WAD issued a notification for the students.

One of the teachers wondered, “Some of the teachers we know yesterday did not come, teachers and students who did not know came to school and returned.”

Another teacher said that because of the closure of schools in one place, there would be no good message in the society.

He asked, ‘Why this kind of work on the teaching of schools and children?’

Principal Arjun Prasad Chaulagain said that the decision to become the capital of the province was a historical issue and the students should also know.

However, the information released by the ward office states that the study will be stopped. According to the study, three community and 3 private schools in the area were stopped on Monday.


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