Education Minister Calls for “Non-Use of Maps Without Limpiyadhura”

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lipulekha nepal map


Minister for Education, Science, and Technology Girirajmani Pokharel has directed the school operators not to use Nepali maps which are not Limpiadhura and Kalapani. Addressing the 13th National General Assembly of the Private and Residential School Organization Nepal (PABSON), he said, “Focus on using the map of Nepal from the new academic session. Don’t read Limpiaadhura and Kalapani with no maps mentioned. “Talking about the opening of many schools in Nepal, he said that the number of schools should be reduced now. “Now, not only should the private or community be separated but also one another,” he said. He said that private schools do not think that they will operate like they did yesterday. He mentioned that the first seat has the local government, then the state and the federal government in the last seat. Education Minister Pokhrel said that the trend of giving three hours of exams on hoc basis should be abolished.

Umesh Shrestha, MP, called on the private school operators to set up a university to buy land in eastern Nepal and said, “Let’s buy land in Biratnagar and make it a university.” After that, we do not need to get affiliation from any other university. ”

Education Secretary Mahesh Dahal said that public education was not only weak but shameful, adding that the attraction of the students was increasing as the quality of private education was good.

Chairman of Pabson Tikaram Puri said that the executives have made impractical act, and complained that the act created by them has created problems. He argued that although the political transition in the country was over, the transition in education sector continued.

PABSON vice-president DK Dhungana said the presence of the private sector would also be necessary since government investment in education would not be possible, while Subbas Neupane, general secretary of National Pabson, said the state was discriminating against private education.


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