The SEE will not Stop, Children Three Weeks at Home

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The Secondary Education Examination (SEE) is scheduled to begin next Thursday. Minister for Education, Science, and Technology Girirajmani Pokharel issued an appeal on Monday, stating that the preparations for the SEE have been completed and that the examination will be conducted with high vigilance.

Chaitra has appealed to other children to stay and stay at home for three weeks. About 70 million school-aged children will be living in their families within three weeks.

Minister Pokhrel has urged all the students not to leave the house in case of fear of infection of coronavirus and to not hold crowds or public gathering in the name of cultural programs, annual parenting day, results from publicity, entrance examination or admission in view of special circumstances of the country during this period. .

A total of 4 lakh 82 thousand 219 students are appearing in the examinations at 1,995 examination centers across the country, which runs from 6th to 17th of April. The appeal states that all preparations for conducting the examination have been completed and that the students have reached the examination center and will be conducting the SEE.

After the consultation and discussion with experts and education stakeholders in the health sector, the SEAL examination, based on the discussions and analysis of the High-Level Monitoring Committee constituted by the Hon’ble Deputy Prime Minister, made it possible to conduct and manage the SEE examination according to pre-determined timelines. Ul Ideographic has been.

The appeal states that 753 local levels have been requested for the provision of health desks throughout the examination centers to provide health support to the students at the examination centers.

At the moment, Corona is in a position to fulfill its responsibility of preventing infections and completing the SEE examination in a psychological and fear-free environment. Students are also urged to use personal protective methods including washing hands with soap, using masks, shaking hands with others, not going to the crowds.

Do not crowd the gathering unnecessarily. All parents and locals in the vicinity of the examination center are urged. Minister Pokhrel has urged the local level and local administration to monitor and facilitate its implementation in this regard.


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