Health Education Foundation Bill Preparation, Government is establishing five medical colleges

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The Ministry of Education has set up an integrated health education establishment and operates five medical colleges on its own.

According to the news written by Bhavaneshwar Gautam in a new magazine, establishing a new medical college in four provinces, the government is about to bring the ‘Integrated Health Education Academy Act, 1’ to operate a new medical college. In the Integrated Health Education Establishment Bill prepared by the Ministry of Education, five medical colleges are being prepared for establishment and the government medical college will be established in the future.

The College Health Education Establishments, which were established earlier, are run by the Ministry of Health.

The agitator for improving medical education Govind KC and the government had agreed to operate at least one medical college in one state. On the basis of the same agreement, the government has set up a state medical college.

Currently, the physical infrastructure of four medical colleges is under the Ministry of Education. These include Geta School of Health Professional Education, Surkhet School of Health Professional Education, Butwal School of Health Professional Education, Bardivas School of Health Professional Education. The bill includes Ram Rajaprasad Singh Health Science Foundation, but work is still under the Ministry of Health.

At present, under the Ministry of Health, there are separate Vice-Chancellors, Rectors, Registrars, Dinnals and other office bearers. In the integrated health education establishment, there will be only one Vice-Chancellor and Dean for the regulation and monitoring of all the institutions.

In the medical institutions, the principal and hospital head will be provided. Similarly, the Executive Council has five members. The Vice-Chancellor, Dean, one of the heads of the teaching institutes, who is a member of the assembly, a representative of the professor’s association, the chief of the department of the establishment is to be the chief member-secretary.

Officials of the Ministry of Education said that the Integrated Health Education Act would reduce the economic burden and maintain quality in medical institutions. The draft states that the Integrated Education Academy is established for the purpose of maintaining geographical balance and social justice by ensuring quality education, teaching and research of health education and access to specialist healthcare services. The headquarters of the establishment will be located in Kathmandu.

The Bill has been prepared so that the establishment can establish a teaching institution and teaching hospital as per the requirement. There is a provision for establishing educational institutes and teaching hospitals as per the requirement of the institute for the purpose of conducting studies and research on various matters related to health sciences.

The teaching institution has the principal and the hospital director in the hospital. The Principal of the concerned educational institute will be appointed to work full time for four years.

The Vice-Chancellor may, for four years, be appointed upon the recommendation of the Dean to act as the administrative head of the hospital. The hospital director will also be a full-time employee of the teaching hospital. In addition to the Act, the order regarding the formation committee of the Geta Medical College Infrastructure Development Committee, Government Medical College Infrastructure Construction Development Project, Ramraj Prasad Singh Health Sciences Establishment, 1 will be rejected.

The Vice-Chancellor has arranged that an inquiry committee may be constituted if a fourth member who is present in the meeting gives written notice to the Vice-Chancellor, saying that the Vice-Chancellor did not fulfill his position or conduct of the post or did not fulfill his duties honestly. The Vice-Chancellor will constitute a three-member investigation committee headed by a member of the House and a secretary of the Ministry.

Article 8 (1) of the Bill states that “If the Inquiry Committee recommends that the Vice-Chancellor does not fulfill his / her responsibilities, does not act conscientiously or does not perform his duties, and if it is passed by a meeting of the House, the Vice-Chancellor will automatically remove the Vice-Chancellor from his post. There is a law to be made. Similarly, there is a provision to remove the dean, principal and hospital director if they do not perform their duties responsibly.

The physical structure of two of the four medical colleges the government is setting up has been steadily expanded. The work was accelerated by appointing four deputy secretaries of the Ministry of Education.

The goal is to provide international level education in different structures: Deepak Sharma, Spokesperson, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology


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