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पाठ्यक्रम विकास केन्द्र

Nepal Government has Fixed the Education Period

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The government has released a new national curriculum format with a federal structure. The curriculum has been prepared with the provision of experimental work from early childhood to grade 8, making the school-level education student-centered.

The new constitution, the Eighth Amendment to the Education Act, the federal structure and the new curriculum were also released after class 11-12 was included in school education. It has been implemented as of 2076, approved on 20 August. The format of the study period has been fixed.

According to the format, for the elementary education children should now conduct an annual total of 576 hours daily skills training activities and thematic skills training activities at a rate of 4 hours 30 minutes per day.

Similarly, 384 hours of basic skills will be taught in the field of physical skills, emotional skills, social, cultural and moral skills, intellectual and mental skills, health, nutrition, safety and environment skills and creative skills. Sip, algebraic skills, visual acuity, creativity, and creativity, the surrounding environment and social skills will be taught.

In addition, recreational activities, outdoor sports and leisure time must be set at least one hour each day for 256 hours of leisure and play. A total of 26 lesson hours (credit hours) from Classes 1 to 3, ie 832 working hours per year, will be required. Classes 4 to 12 require a total of 32 teaching hours, ie 1024 working hours of teaching annually. Similarly, classes of 6 to 8 and 9 and 10 should also be taught 32 lessons hours, ie 1024 working hours annually.

In the 11th and 12th grade, 27 teaching hours, ie 864 working hours per year, are required. Where 5 additional hours required to teach an additional elective subject equivalent to 160 working hours annually.

The 32-hour time spent studying for education is considered to be 1 lesson hour. The school will be able to conduct classes by scheduling a weekly schedule as per the requirement of the subject so that the weekly hours are not specified. One period of one hour per day per subject is said to be created while the news is kept in Patti.


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