Balabalalikalai to Take Action Against Discrimination

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Schools that discriminate against HIV-infected children will be prosecuted in ccordance with the law.

According to the apex court’s decision dated October 15, discrimination and hatred of infected children within the school has resulted in legal action.

The Center has written to schools across the country to implement the order after the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology had corresponded with the Education Development and Human Resource Center to prevent discrimination and discrimination of innocent children as per the court order.

Since the Interim Constitution of Nepal 2063 and the constitution of Nepal, 2072, as the fundamental rights of education, they have the natural right to guarantee that right, to receive equal treatment and educational opportunities, so the Center has written to all schools in all seven provinces to prevent such discrimination.

HIV AIDS is not caused by children but because of a parent’s disease, the children should not be treated as such, he said.

The directive has been issued to the school to prevent and control effective policies, infrastructure and legalize all kinds of exclusion of infected children, including children and children of all kinds of exclusion.


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