6 Months Salary Paid to Teacher at Bagishwari Secondary School

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“Teachers from community schools in other parts of the country get 13 months’ salary. We get 15 months in school. Assistant Principal of Bageshwari Secondary School in Bhaktapur, Gyanasagar Prajapati, while saying this, was surprised by the Kakani villagers, people’s representatives and educational stakeholders who came to visit the school!

After hearing from Prajapati Sir who had been absent for one day and the teacher who was absent due to the absence of a teacher, the teachers of the school observation realized that the teacher had to be happy for the school to be good.

With the clear plan of the School Administration and Management Committee, the unselfish spirit of the work and the loyalty of the teacher towards the students and the classroom is the first step to the success of the school.

While explaining the school’s work to the visiting team, with the goal of improving the schools in their area, as the constitution has given the authority to operate at the school level, Shakti Prasad Lohani, Principal of Bhavani Municipality, said – How to make the school better?

“It is important to have a sense of support and cooperation with locals, including locals, about never leaving the classroom empty, conducting extra classes, not closing schools, getting such assistance in the name of support,” he said.
The school was turned into a group of 3 members, comprising 39 school principals, school management committee officials, education staff and public representatives, who came to the school for observation. While visiting the school, Principal Krishna Prasad Dhanda and Assistant Prime Minister Prajapati shared the struggles, history, and misery of every school building. Regardless of the misery, today’s achievement saw the enthusiasm of the charges and the people, and the participants said, ‘The school was made of pain.

The team, who had assembled together after visiting the school, was informed about the history and current affairs of the school by Principal Dhancha, assistant professor Prajapati. Those who came to visit the sample school in Vagmati state learned about the history of the school, the current situation and the efforts being made to improve the school.
Basanti Thakuri, Principal of Surya Basic School, said that he has learned a lot from Bageshwari and will take the initiative to implement similar practices in improving the educational achievement, educational environment, and management of the school.

Due to the private investment at the school level, education has become the business as well as the community schools in the recent past.


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