Draft of Education Act drafted, quota of about 42,000 teachers automatically fixed!

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The Ministry of Education has drafted the Education Act so that the quota of teachers working in relief of school level and teachers of the higher secondary level will be converted into permanent posts.

If the provision mentioned in the draft of the Act was passed, all the teachers in the quota currently employed will automatically become permanent.

The relief grant quota for the primary side is 5 thousand 5 hundred, the lower secondary relief quota 1 thousand 5 hundred, the secondary relief quota 1 thousand 949 and the upper secondary relief quota is 3 thousand.

According to a ministry source, there is a provision for the recruitment of teachers on the recommendation of the Teacher Services Commission on the permanent posts that will be created after the draft of the Act, which is made in a very tight circle.

For them, the agenda for the one-time examination will not be exceeded in the draft. The quota is said to be in accordance with other arrangements related to conversion and recruitment into permanent posts.

Earlier, in the draft of the Eighth Amendment of the Education Act, the provision was made to make the temporary teacher self-permanent.

The golden handshake was provided to the teacher who failed to participate in the competition. The Ninth Amendment also criticized the competition as it widened its scope.


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