Coronavirus Vaccine Test Opens With 1st Doses

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The vaccine developed for the protection of the Coronavirus (Covid-29) infection has been tested for the first time in humans.

According to the News Agency Associated Press, the vaccine was tested at four people at the Saffron Permanent Research Center in Seattle, Washington.

Experts say it will still take months to find out if the vaccine works.

The first person to receive the vaccine against Corona is a 3-year-old woman of two children. ‘This is an exciting opportunity for me to do something,’ Jennifer Haller told the news agency AP.

Scientists around the world are researching the fast track style to produce the vaccine against the virus.

Six adult American volunteers have participated in the trial to begin at the expense provided by the US government.

In the first step, the amount of vaccine against the coronavirus will be checked to see if the immune system has responded or not. The vaccine to be tested is named mRNA-1273.


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