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What will the SEE Examiner do Now?

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Happy to postpone the SEE exam. Of course, to be happy, there is a certain reason why something should be accomplished. Happy to be able to pass many points. It may sound like postponement or not, but it is a time to be truly happy. Here are some reasons to be happy:

1) By keeping a health desk, you do not have to be tested in the midst of Corona’s fears and stress

2) Time is added to prepare. Now is the time to set a specific schedule and plan ahead.

3) Your siblings have also gone to school, spend some time with them.

4) If you have not thought about what to read in class 11 while focusing only on reading, then take some time apart.

5) There are no such Faculty of Science, Humanities, Management, Education as before in class 11, so you can read the topics of your interest from different groups.

6) Emphasize what you find most difficult. Discuss this with a teacher or peer. The exam is from Class 1 (some kindergarten). Since taking about 30 exams at a rate of three per year, it is usually best to take it.

7) To study science subjects in class 11, math and science should bring C plus. C Plus is a number greater than 50, so prepare for it.
8) If you are planning to go for a government job in the future (though it may not have been determined yet) or if you are going to give the Public Service Commission exam for a government job then know that you will not be able to take the exam if you do not have ZP2 in SEO.

9) Regardless of the subject you read and any career, your linguistic skills are essential, so emphasize the development of linguistic skills. If you are studying in Nepali through community school, emphasize in English and Nepali in private school.

10) Do not miss reading if the exam is postponed, the exam is done. If Corona’s epidemic is not a catastrophic disaster, it may be in Baishakh, not in May, but in exams. So don’t stop preparing.

11) Radio, television news topics can be helpful for social studies knowledge.

12) If you use social media (Facebook, Twitter), then set it a specific time. Create a group of friends on Facebook and discuss reading.

13) There are also videos on YouTube that teach you the most complex subjects of mathematical science. You can try out NCED Virtual Subscribe. You can save those videos. Access to school or other internet or nightly data on mobile can be purchased through Ncell, NTC cheap packages and download or save such videos offline.

14) Do not postpone your reading so that the exam is postponed. Make a schedule Don’t stress too much. Even if those living in rural environments have to do home or chores, you should still prepare for the exams by submitting them at home. There may also be an option to take an additional class of topics you find complicated.

15) If you are planning to study science subjects and are planning to study Class 11 in a private school called Big Name, then contact some of your siblings. Especially in class 10, all subjects are asked to appear in the entrance exam.

16) If possible, check the booklet for the quarterly examinations you have given in school. What mistake have you made in that question? Review what is written on what to write.

17) When looking at past practice, many questions will be repeated from old questions. According to the schedule.

18) Review the textbook and exercises.

Understand this is an opportunity, be prepared to cope with the exam. Do not stress the exam. But don’t give up. But you may not even have to spend all your time in preparation. Do not underestimate what you were preparing and add as much as you can. Set aside 1/2 hour for other activities. Have fun Get a little involved in homework. If you do not like reading, do other work, and if you do not like doing other work, read this article by deviram acharya at


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