Notice to Fill Registration Form for SEE 2081

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National Examination Board Examination Control Office Class 10 has opened the registration form for inclusion in Secondary Education Examination (SEE) 2081.

The board has issued a notice that all students should fill the application form for regular fees from Katik 24th to Last-Mansir and late fee application form from Push 1st to 15th.

In the academic session 2080, the students who are regularly studying in class 9 in general, traditional (Sanskrit, Veda Vidyashram, Gurukul, Madrasa, Gonpa and technical stream) have been notified to fill the registration form to be included in the SEE of 2081.

All students, schools, local level education division branches, education development and coordination unit, provincial and branch offices of the board and education development directorate have been instructed to inform.

It is mentioned in the notice that for all the students currently studying in class 9 in schools, the students who are currently studying as regular students in class 9, including the general traditional and technical stream students, must have passed the annual exam of class 8 or similar in arithmetic system.

Also, in the case of alphabetic system (2072-2077), it is mentioned in the notice that minimum D plus grade in compulsory subjects and grade sheet with minimum D grade in 2078 and 2079 are required.

NEB registration Form Fill up Notice

Notice to Fill Registration Form for SEE 2081


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