driving license nepal
driving license nepal

In Bagmati Pradesh from Fagun 2 the Scoring System was Implemented, 70 Rassed the Trial

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The scoring system of passing the trial by obtaining 70 points to obtain driver’s license, which has been repeatedly stopped in Bagmati province, will be implemented from Fagun 2.

The state government, which is preparing to implement it from Fagun 1, will implement it from the 2nd because the state government has given a public holiday on the 1st.

Earlier, Ghanshyam Dahal, Minister of Labour, Employment and Transport of the then Chief Minister Rajendra Pandey-led government, tried to implement the system, but it was stopped due to pressure.

Due to Pandey’s intervention, the present government is going to implement the system of passing the trial by scoring 70 marks, which was stopped three times.

In 077, the Transport Management Department issued the ‘Driver’s License Distribution Procedure 077’. Which is also known as number based procedure.

After the implementation of the procedure, it is enough to score 70 percent in the trial of motorcycle and four-wheeled vehicles. However, it is mentioned in the procedure that 100 percent marks should be obtained in uphill and downhill. In other rules, there is a rule that you can pass even though the marks will be added or reduced.

If the system of obtaining 70 points to pass the trial is implemented, the total number of points for motorcycles, scooters and mopeds is fixed at 100. It has been arranged that trainees who get 70 marks will be considered eligible for the permit.


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