Driving License is Printed, Servicemen not Taken

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The Department of Transportation has brought in a mass printer and started printing licenses. The department said that they will not be able to come in after the license is ready because they remain in regular followup for several months after passing the license test.

‘At the beginning, they ask that they are filled, all the offices of the transport office are filled up after printing,’ a department source told me.

Although the department has started the process of printing the license by operating the Mass Printer, the licenses in the existing one million old lines have not been printed yet. Even after bringing the mass printer into operation, only about 1 lakh monthly licenses are printed, the department said.

It has been 6 months since the license began to print from a mass printer. So far 2 lakh licenses have been printed in 2 months. Currently, licenses are being printed at a rate of 3 to 4 thousand every day.

‘Currently, licenses are distributed from 17 licensed offices across the country. Since the state government has been distributing the licenses, the distribution work has started from all the seven provinces, so there is not much problem now, ”said Tirtha Raj Khanal, a spokesman for the department.

License Printing is in progress It may take 3 to 4 months for the entire license to be printed. Only then will the license be issued within 15 days of passing the trial for the license and filling in the license form, the department said.

“More than two million prints have been printed from the mass printers, at this pace, work will proceed at normal speed in 3-4 months,” said Gogan Bahadur Hamal, director-general of the department.

Now, daily licenses are being printed from one old and one mass printer in the department, said Hamal.

As the government removed the paper license and started distributing smart licenses nationwide, the balance of printing was in accordance with the demand of the license. Due to which the servicemen have not yet received the license in time.

It is stated that the license may be printed from the department’s website to confirm whether your license has been printed.


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