driving license nepal
driving license nepal

Now the Driving License is Valid for 10 Years

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The Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Prakash Jwala, has said that the process has been advanced for the provision of the driving license, which has to be renewed every five years, to be renewed every 10 years.

Speaking at the meeting of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, Minister Jwala mentioned that the system for renewing licenses in five years is fast and that has created a pressure on smart card printing.

“Regarding license renewal, as the arrangement for renewing it in five years is faster and a little more complicated, we have legally advanced the process of renewing it in 10 years,” said MP Jwala while speaking at the meeting. “now, not in five years, but in 10 years, we believe that it will be renewed and if that happens, the pressure of printing new smart cards will also decrease.”

He also said that the ministry has moved forward to solve the situation of having to wait for a long time and stand in line for a license in a few months.

Minister Jwala informed that a decision has been taken by the Council of Ministers to print number plates in Nepali, Nepali or English and English in three options with regard to embossed number plates and that the provision will be implemented soon.

Similarly, Minister Jwala mentioned that the procedure has been revised in respect of the electric motorcycle manufacturer Yatri Motorcycles.

“There was a lot of talk in the media about these passenger motorcycles,” he said, “We immediately took interest in it. We have resolved the problem by sitting down with the relevant parties, departments, transport management office, related businesses and even amending the procedures.”


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