When Appointing Contractual Employees, Kathmandu Metropolitan City Gives Priority to Lok Sewa Aayog Alternatives

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The latest decision made by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City Administration Department is now openly praised and discussed.

On Tuesday, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City has published a notification regarding the appointment of employees in a contract.

It has been said in the notice, that it has been mentioned that the candidates who have been placed in the alternative list by the Public Service Commission have been given priority for the recruitment of engineers under the contract for the infrastructure related works to be carried out by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City will give priority to the candidates who have qualified in the public service commission examination while appointing employees in the contract service.

The Metropolitan Municipality issued a notice on Tuesday calling for applications from the candidates who were selected as alternates in the Public Service Commission examination for the appointment of employees in contract services.

When appointing an engineer under the contract, the Metropolitan Corporation has mentioned in various advertisements and notices of the Loskewa Commission in the year 2079/080 that priority will be given to candidates who are in the temporary alternative qualification process.

According to the Kathmandu Metropolitan City, candidates who submit applications within seven days from the date of publication of this notice and from among the candidates who apply within the specified date, will be appointed on contract according to merit.

Candidates of civil engineer, architect engineer and structure engineer who are in temporary and alternative qualification order are requested to submit their application within seven days from the date of publication of the notice.


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