Class 12 Results has been Published


Check Class 12 Result

Class 12 Results has been Published

How to Check Class 12 Result 2080

The National Examination Board has released this year’s class 12 results.

The results of class 12th exam conducted from basishak 26th to jestha 5th have been published.

According to today’s decision of the board, the results have been announced.

About 467,389 students from 1,457 examination centers across the country participated in the Class 12 examination, but only 51.91 percent were graded (passed). Similarly, 49.09 percent have got non grade. According to the board, more than 56,000 students participated in the grade enhancement examination this year. According to Board President Mahashram Sharma, 182 thousand examinees have been ungraded this year.

It is arranged that the students will get the grade sheet only if they get minimum 35 percent marks in the theoretical part of each subject.

Last year, only 48 percent students in class 12 got their grade sheet. Out of them, up to 2 subjects got non-grade immediately and the remaining 56,000 took the grade increase exam this year. By amending the letter grading guidelines, it has been arranged that only the subject in which NG is given can give the grade increase exam.


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