Post Graduate Secondary Level Examination Center to be conducted from 7th January

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Kathmandu: Information regarding examination center of Kathmandu Valley and Kavrepalanchok District candidates with post-secondary level opportunity / Tribhuvan University Examination Control Office, Balkhu Tribhuvan University, Examination Control Office, Balkhu. (MBS & MPA) and education Too sankayatarphaka second year post-graduate level, and partly Pty (full and partial), including the opportunity to test the Kathmandu Valley and the Kathmandu District have been kept as follows examinees test center for information related to all of the information has been published.

Exam Time: 11 am to 3pm.

B) Nepal Commercial Campus, Bhanubhakta Memorial College, Nepal Mega College, People’s Campus, Dillibazar Kanya Campus, Pashupati B. Campus, St. Xavier’s College, Campion College, Everest College, Global College of Management, United College, United States College, Goldengate, etc. College, Kathmandu Barnhart College, Brilliant MVS of Campus, Caspian Valley College, Nashfield Eclipse, Samantha Campus, Jaya B. Campus, The Times International College, Admark College, Janbhavana Campus, Nims College, Mega National College, Kathmandu Model College and Ammunition College. All examiners on behalf of.

Innovative College, Shamakhushi Center:

A) University Campus, Rural Development Campus, Manmohan Memorial College, Kathmandu Education Campus, Lalit B. Campus, Sandeepee Community Education Campus, Rambo International College and People’s Friendship. All candidates on campus education.

B) All the candidates of Mahendra Ratna Campus Tahachal.

C) All the examiners in economics from University Campus, Padma Kanya Campus, Ratnarajya Lakshmi Campus, Patan United Campus, and Goldengate International College.

D) All the private examiners of Nepalese subjects and economics in Kathmandu.

E) University Campus, Tri-Moon Campus, Patan United Campus, Madan Bhandari Memorial College, Santana Memorial College, Nims College, Campion College, Saraswati B. Campus,

Dillibazar Kanya Campus, Padmakanya

B. Campus and Vaneshwar B. Campus Sociology – All examiners in anthropology.

F) University Campus and Padma Kanya b. All examiners on campus politics.

G) All the examinations of the population study subjects of University Campus, Padma Kanya Campus, Patan Joint Campus and Ratnarajya Lakshmi Campus.

Nims College, Lagnakhel Center:

A) All the students of NR College, Active Academy College, Grameen Ardash Campus, Ratnarajya Lakshmi Campus and Pashupati B. Campus, Sociology and Anthropology.

B) University Campus, Patan Joint Campus, Public Friendly B. Campus, Canvas etc. College, NR College, Public Youth Campus, Saraswati B. Campus, Padmakanya Campus, and M.D. from

Southwestern State College. V S. All examiners on behalf of.

C) Padmakanya B. Campus, Patan United Campus, St. Xavier’s College, University Campus, Saraswati B. All the examiners of English subjects on campus, Ratnarajya Lakshmi campus, Madan

Bhandari Memorial College, Dillibazar Kanya campus and Kathmandu Model College.

D) All private examiners of English subjects in Kathmandu center.

E) All the candidates from Padma Kanya B. Campus for Home Science (FN / CD).

F) University Campus, Padmakanya Campus, Patan Joint Campus, Trichndra Campus, Ratnarajya Lakshmi Campus, Saraswati B. Campus and Pets All examiners on Nepali subjects on campus.

G) Patan United Campus, Padmakanya b. Campus, Tri-Moon Campus, University Campus, S. Also. Academy, K, And k All examiners on rural development issues of college and rural Ardash


H) All the candidates for Gender Studies, Buddhist Studies, History, Psychology, Painting and Journalism on the University campus.

H) Tri-Moon b. Campus and Padma Kanya Campus Psychology Examinations

J) All the private examiners of Sanskrit, Maithili, Hindi, History and Culture, which are center in Kathmandu.
Madan Bhandari College Journalism and K. And Do all the examiners in New Delhi’s Gender Studies and Patan United Campus.

L) MVS All examiners on behalf of


1. The examination will be canceled automatically if you take the exam from other centers besides the designated center.

2. Objects prohibited in examinations such as mobile phones, digital diaries, will not be allowed to be taken inside the examination building. Otherwise, the centurion may confiscate such items.

This notice can be viewed at
Examination controller


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