Nepal Teachers Association - नेपाल शिक्षक महासङ्घ
Nepal Teachers Association - नेपाल शिक्षक महासङ्घ

Warning of strong protest if teachers staff are not paid salary

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The Nepal Teachers’ Association has warned that if the suspended salaries of the teachers are not withdrawn immediately, they will be forced to proceed with a strong program of protest.

The federation issued a statement today and warned that if the salaries are not paid on time, they will protest strongly against the excesses of the municipality.

The Nepal Teachers’ Federation has said that it has drawn its attention to the fact that various municipalities have stopped the salaries of school employees because they do not have city and village councils. The municipalities have said that they have drawn our serious attention to the issue of the agitation of the teachers working there because the salaries of the teachers have not been paid since last July.

It has been mentioned in the statement issued by the federation that the incompetence of the leadership of the municipality related to the suspension of the monthly salary allowance of the teachers (employees) who should be paid regularly every month.

According to the statement, the justification of the issue raised continuously by teachers’ professional organizations that school education is under the sole authority of the municipality under Schedule 8 of the Constitution has been mentioned in the statement.

The association has demanded the government to make necessary legal and policy arrangements to ensure that the suspended salary allowance is received immediately and to prevent such a situation from recurring in the future.


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