Tribhuvan University Class and Exams will not be Closed

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Tribhuvan University Registrar’s Office, Information and Public Relations Division Kirtipur has recently postponed programs such as meetings, conferences, seminars, seminars, gatherings, sports events within the university as the transmission of the corona virus (Covid 19) is spreading worldwide.

Classes and exams conducted by the University of Triville are scheduled to be conducted regularly by Triville. Trivica has also requested all campuses under suburbs to provide testicular students and students with soap water, sanitizer arrangements, and help desk if possible.

Arrangements will be made for the students to take the exam separately for the students who have had fever, cough and fever. In addition, the Tribune recommends teachers, staff and students adopt measures other than those transmitted by the concerned agencies to prevent the virus.

The tribe will make necessary arrangements for sanitary drinking water, sanitizer arrangement for all campuses, arrangement for sanitation and sanitizer at the place of electronic presence, make arrangements, regular cleaning of offices or classrooms. It is requested to take special precautions when traveling in public transport.

With the help of students, public awareness programs, including poster pamphlets and other materials will be disseminated. According to the World Health Organization, Nepal is at high risk of Corona. Co-Principal of Tri-Teaching Hospital for the Prevention and Treatment of Corona Virus Dr. The committee has been constituted under the chairmanship of Sant Kumar Das, according to Trivile.

Tribhuvan University has been in regular contact with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health. The Tribune has requested all the bodies to follow the steps taken by the High Level Committee, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health.


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