Jor Vijor Removed, Long Distance Transport will be Open From Bhadra 1

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Inter-district medium and long distance private and public vehicles will be operational only from September 20.

A meeting of the cabinet held on Monday decided to operate long-distance public transport from September 1. Yuvaraj Khatiwada informed. The transport businessmen had demanded to operate medium and long distance transport from July 25.But the government has decided to open long-distance transport only after September 1.

Until August 20, traffic will be allowed to operate in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur in the case of Upatyaka and only in the districts outside. According to Minister Khatiwada, the emphasis on private vehicles has been removed.

The government had allowed private vehicles to operate under the Jor Vijor system from 29 June.

Positive feedback from transport professionals

Transport businessmen have welcomed the government’s decision. Saroj Sitaula, general secretary of the National Federation of Nepali Transport Entrepreneurs, said that the government’s decision would provide relief to businessmen and passengers despite the delay.

He said that they are ready to operate the vehicles by following the prescribed criteria, adding that the service can be provided even if the government opens long distance vehicles before August 1.

“We would have been relieved if it had been opened earlier,” said Sitaula.

The government has already opened public transport in the district and Kathmandu Valley. Entrepreneurs who refuse to go to the service have also said that they will start providing the service from July 1.


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