IPO shares In Nepal
IPO shares In Nepal

Super Madi Hydropower Limited will be Issuing its IPO shares to the General Public

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Supermadhi Hydropower will open the sale of ordinary shares (IPO) to the general public from Monday.

The company, which has already sold IPO to local and foreign workers, is going to sell shares to the general public in the second phase.

The project will sell 15 percent of its issued capital of 2 billion 10 million rupees, i.e. 31 Lakh 50 Thousand shares worth 315 million rupees.

Out of this, 10 lakh 50 thousand IPO shares have already been sold to locals. Similarly, 2 lakh 10 thousand shares of IPO have been sold to those who have gone for foreign employment.

The company has already sold 1 lakh 5 thousand shares to collective investment fund and 42 thousand shares to employees.

According to the report submitted by the company to the Securities Board of Nepal , the net worth per share of the project is Rs 106.26. Similarly, the earnings per share is 6.28 rupees and currently the accumulated profit of the company is 31 crore 15 lakh 10 thousand rupees.

The company is building a 44 megawatt hydropower project in Madi Rural Municipality of Kaski. The project will cost 18 crore 97 lakh 72 thousand including interest during the construction period. And, 29 years and 6 months of its operational period of 30 years are left.

For investing in this company, it will take at least 6.28 years for investors to get their investment back. Sanima Capital is the issuer and sales manager of the company.


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