सार्वजनिक बिदा - Holiday
सार्वजनिक बिदा - Holiday

Government has Announced Sonam Lhosar as a Public Holiday on Magh 8

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Sonam Lhosar Magh 8 (Sunday) is a Public Holiday

The government has decided to declare a public holiday on Magh 8.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has informed that the government has decided to give a public holiday on the occasion of Sonam Lhosar, the great festival of the Tamang community.

Along with this, since Magh 7th is Saturday and Magh 8th Sunday on the occasion of Sonam Lhosar, NEPSE, banks and insurance companies, government offices, educational institutions and banks will be closed.

Every year on the 8th of Magh, the Tamang community celebrates the ‘Sonam Lhosar’ festival by saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new year.


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