शिक्षक सेवा आयोग
शिक्षक सेवा आयोग

Permanent Teachers Opening Commission, Creating New Curriculum

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The Teacher Services Commission is to advertise for permanent teachers of all levels within the coming spring.

Deputy Commissioner of Information and Information Officer Damodar Acharya informed that the commission had decided to advertise on the open side of the teacher within a few months after the results of the Teacher Teaching License (license) obtained last October.

According to him, after the results of all three levels of secondary, lower and secondary level of teacher license have been made public in the fall, the Commission has immediately decided to advertise for open competitive examination.

“We may have the status of advertising at the middle and the lower level, respectively, first and middle level, but now after the result of this license, new candidates will be added,” Information Officer Acharya told Kathmandu. Currently, the Commission is preparing for the construction of a revised new curriculum for teachers, at least the upcoming bash Khabhitrama ad will be explained.

“It is a little difficult to specify the date, however, the commission is preparing to advertise in the coming spring,” he said, adding that the commission is now in the process of designing the curriculum in accordance with the revised new curriculum. The advertisement will be advertised as soon as the results are made public.

Information Officer Acharya said that only the candidates who pass the first phase examination will be eligible to participate in the second phase written examination. Stating that now there will be two hundred complete exams as per the revised rules of the Teacher Services Commission, he said that the first round of general examination will help in selecting qualified candidates.

“Now, in the revised rules of teacher service, there has been a general examination; in the first phase we will now take the one hundred whole general examinations”, said the information officer, Acharya. To participate in the examination. ‘


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