Recommendation to Increase the Salary of 65,000 Employees Including ECD Teachers and Accountants

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Recommendation to Increase the Salary of 65,000 Employees Including ECD Teachers and Accountants

65,000 primary child development assistants and staff working at the school level have been suggested to be given a minimum salary.

The committee formed under the coordination of National Planning Commission member Pushparaman Wagle (PhD) has suggested to increase the salary for proper management of resources, quality enhancement and effective supervision in school education.

The committee has recommended to increase the salaries of the primary child development assistants, accountants and administration and office assistants working in secondary schools who have been working on the minimum salary for years.

According to the statistics, there are 30 thousand 718 early childhood development assistants, 7 thousand 96 school employees and 27 thousand 890 office assistants working in the country.

It has recommended that 65,704 people across the country should be properly managed, indicating that their demands should be addressed immediately.

The committee has suggested to meet the demands of early child development support workers and school employees who are agitating because of the lack of budget.

At present, support workers of child development centers are getting Rs. 10,000 per month, employees working as accounting and administrative assistants in secondary schools are getting Rs. 11,000 per month and office assistants are getting Rs. 8,000 per month.

It is recommended to provide the staff of the Early Child Development Center with the salary scale equivalent to the current teacher of the third class, the salary of the staff working at the secondary level, the salary of the first class registered in the Gazette of Nepal and the starting salary scale of the office assistant of the Government of Nepal for the office assistant.

In the same way, it has recommended to the government to fill the minimum number of teachers based on the number of classes, number of students and subject taught in the school. The committee has pointed out that 53 thousand 158 posts are still insufficient.

The report mentions that out of 3,503 public schools where classes 11 and 12 are taught, teachers are not available in many schools.


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