Ministry of Health and Population Confirms Coronavirus Infection in Nepal

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The Ministry of Health and Population said a person has been confirmed to have coronavirus infection in Nepal.

She was a student returning from France to Qatar, Nepal said at a midday emergency press conference on Monday.

A few hours before the ministry held a press conference, the World Health Organization data showed that two people were infected in Nepal.

A Nepalese youth who returned from Wuhan, China, a few weeks ago, was confirmed to be infected. Now she is reported to be recovering.

About 600 samples have been tested so far at the National Public Health Laboratory in Teku, said a spokesman for the ministry. Vikas Devkota said.

Testing by PCR method confirmed coronavirus in two of them.

Who is the infected person?

The government confirmed the infection was 19 years old, the government said. He is said to have returned to Nepal via Tribhuvan Airport via Qatar from France after an outbreak in Europe.

After coming to Nepal, she was at home in a quarantine house. She is being treated separately after being confirmed to have an infection.

Health Minister Bhanubhakta Dhakal said that efforts were being made to search all those who came in contact with him.

Minister Dhakal said efforts were being made to identify the other passenger on the plane. Source:


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