You Can Submit CTEVT online application form in go to CTEVT Official website: CTEVT online jobs application
You Can Submit CTEVT online application form in go to CTEVT Official website: CTEVT online jobs application

How to Fill CTEVT Online Application Form

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CTEVT Vacancy Notice for Various Positions 2076

Regarding internal and open competitive written examination conducted by the Public Service Commission (Lok Sewa Aayog). Council for Technical and Vocational Training (CTEVT), recruitment Committee, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur.

This notice from the qualified candidates for the first time, published in regular service and within the offices under this Council, Open competitive examination and internal competitive examination. Online application system for all information related to the notification form fill up has been called.

Things to consider when filling out the application form

Fill out the CTEVT Online Application form and Information regarding submission of application form

Technical Education and Vocational Training Council Sanothimi Bhaktapur is advised to submit the application form along with the application form for the various vacancies vacated within 2076/10/24 to 2076/11/15. For those who cannot submit the application form and customs within that period, the application for double customs may be applied till the date 2076/11/22. The duration of the double duty will not be counted for the purpose of age, educational qualification, experience period and other qualifications.

Things to consider when filling out the application form:

1. After the applicant has submitted the application fee as per the prescribed time period, the form verification and other process will be initiated.

2. Register first and click Apply on the application advertisement where you fill in the advertisement, or click on Registration in the top-right corner of the screen.

     A) Password must be at least 8 characters, one of which should be Capital letter and one number.

     B) When placing Captcha, click on continue capital and small letter.

3. You will then get a Login ID The login ID and password should be protected as it is required to use the same login ID even when applying for more than one advertisement and taking the entry letter.

4. Click Apply on the place where you fill out the ad again

5. Then submit in the available fields the full details The applicant’s name and family details must be written in the Nepali Unicode.

6. After submitting the online application form, you will need to submit the application form according to the application number you received through eSewa or Fone Pay or khalti app. The online application form, which has not been deposited as prescribed, will not be considered as a routine.

7. Payments via eSewa or Fone Pay or khalti app can be made by clicking on the re-login or view all vacancies using your User Id and Password and clicking on the option you want to use.

8. Since the examination manual and attached documents will be verified from CTEVT, it will take some time and the verified information will be received on Appliciant’s mobile via SMS and Email.

9. Examination of all the above posts will be in Kathmandu. All posts will be written by the Public Service Commission. The schedule for the written examination will be published on the 14th day of contact date.

10. Once submitted, the application form cannot be edited again The application form will be automatically canceled if the application form is not submitted as per the prescribed form, submit the false application and submit the online application form.

11. Information requested on Reject or Accept will be made via SMS (NTC / Ncell mobile number only). And its information can be seen by logging in. Due Reject applications can be corrected and resubmitted on the last day of the application if required to be corrected by the same login.

12. When applying in groups other than women in the case of inclusion, the certificate as specified in the advertisement information must be uploaded.

13. In case of wanting to become a candidate of a qualified employee of a union organization, approval of the concerned office must be submitted/uploaded. Employees who are permanently employed in CTEVT will not be allowed to apply for the same level of office.

14. The course is available on CTEVT official website.

If you have any problems filling out the application form please contact CTEVT at 01-6631458, 01-6631459, 6630769 during office hours.

CTEVT Model Question Paper

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