लकडाउनको अवधि बढाउने सरकारको तयारी
लकडाउनको अवधि बढाउने सरकारको तयारी

Government preparation “Increasing Lockdown Duration”

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The government has started making necessary preparations to extend the lockdown period for a week. The Home Ministry has directed the Chief District Officers of 77 districts to start preparing for the lockdown until the final health check report of people spread through air and land route.

A member of the high-level coordination committee on ‘Covid-19’ disease prevention and control said that the locksmith is not in a position to open the door and accordingly told industrialists/practitioners for safety and easy management of daily consumables.

The lockdown was announced by the government for a period of 11 am to 18 am. India has locked in for 21 days, starting Wednesday to prevent the spread of corona infection. The same day, India launched a nationwide lockdown.

Security forces are patrolling to prevent traffic from Indian borders after the Indian lockdown.

“Lockdown can be thought of only after analysis of the final health check report of a person who has come to Nepal from India and those countries and isolation from the hospital,” said a member of the task force.

More than 5 million people entered Nepal after the government increased surveillance at the border crossing from India alone. The Home Ministry has directed the administration offices across the country to monitor the exits and to keep them in quarantine, fearing they could catch the Coronavirus.

According to the members of the task force, the government has been working diligently to ensure that there is no shortage of daily consumables despite the lockdown. According to the Home Ministry, most violations of lockdown from 11 am to 18 am have occurred in the Nepal-India border and urban areas. Home Ministry spokesman Kedarnath Sharma also said lockdown will be considered once a credible and credible basis is established.

“We have already directed the concerned bodies to implement lockdown and easy management of the daily living of the citizens,” said Sharma, adding, “Lockdown was taken keeping in mind the health sensitivities of the citizenry. Nepal Police and Armed Police Force Locked In Right and foreign quarantine have been deployed to the country said their mechanisms.


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