Coronavirus Update in Nepal
Coronavirus Update in Nepal

Corona was also Found Infected in Dhangadhi

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धनगढीमा पनि भेटिए कोरोना संक्रमित

A fourth person has been infected with the Coronavirus in Nepal. Corona infection was found in a person in Dhangadhi. This is the first time Corona has been found infected outside the Kathmandu Valley.

According to Health Ministry spokesman Bikash Devkota, he was undergoing treatment at Seti Hospital in Dhangadhi, according to Dr. Devkota. said that the corona infection was observed on Friday while examining the sample.

She is 34 years old from Dubai. His condition was free from danger, said Dr. Devkota. The Ministry of Health made an emergency briefing this evening, the information said.

The ministry had earlier informed the newly infected that it had tested 8 hundred 2 persons at a briefing at 5 pm. But the report came after a briefing by the ministry after reports of corona infection from the National Public Health Laboratory that evening.

The government has urged all those who have come to Nepal from abroad to stay in Quarantine at the organizational emergency press conference to give information about the fourth infected. Devkota had urged the lockdown to follow, saying that others might be infected.


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